Thursday, December 19, 2013

Drop It Like It's Hot?

On Upworthiness, I viewed the following this morning:

My answer:

Good impressions and voice likeness. You must have had fun doing this.
My answer-since I'm not a prancer
I won't dance around all the conflicts that abound.
Trust is the basis for any relationship,
So despite all the marketing, there really is a slip
Talk is cheap, intentions strong
Congress couldn't read this bill, because it was too long.
When you add all the politics adeptly squeezed in
This bill of goods is too polluted and the ink is dark as sin.
How many years with those leaders who look away
Making false promises, too revealing every day.
No voice-over could remove what we all see
A Pres who works for others, not for our liberty.
His voice rings empty, a vacuous orator
A traitor to humanity like many that came before.
We can't leave out the ocean floor we're not hearing in the news
Faulty GE reactors that will give us all the blues.
Punishing the heros that speak up as they should- 
Surgical removals and a Police State for 'our good'.
Drones that leave a thousand Trayvon Martins behind
As long as we don't see it, or the grief, we can be blind.
So what is the herd being asked to sign up for?
More vaccines, a Panel to usher Gramma out the door?
From birth to grave, we've trusted, from HAARP to setting sun
Ignoring what's been published, like Agenda 21.
Can we really trust our doctors, the Pharmaceutical-infused?
The alphabet agencies supported by the confused?
Do we think all will go well, as we sidle up to this cheese
Will we lose more human rights, become a number if you please?
As the trap snaps shut, and the economy is more a mess.
Will we ever concede, that we are leader ....less?

Feels good to rap. Yes, drop it like it's hot.

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