Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fukishima Radiation....I Left My Heart in San Francisco....

8 hours ago, some alternative media sources shared the Radiation Alert Readings from San Francisco Beaches. If you haven't been listening, or 'fed' information from your regular news provider about the sea animals in the Pacific Ocean dying in hordes, perhaps its time to seek other sources. Last night I read where this radiation-which is only expected to get worse with more failing towers and tipping structures, will infect every ocean. The fallout and radiation-infected garbage is coming to the West coast, and inland in rain, etc.

Over 35 ? years ago, several GE scientists quit their jobs, as they knew the Nuclear Reactors were defective, not able to withstand a break in the cooling process, which could happen w/ earthquakes or other natural/unnatural disasters. The US has 28? of these reactors. 

See also the recent series of alerts from the citizen-based Radiation Network.
There have been a series of recent alerts - defined as readings above 100, particularly on the West Coast: - up to a million times normal background radiation.

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