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Arthritis, Polymyalgia, and Acidosis

Arthritis and Polymyalgia

Layering of medications is the norm in the medical field. A doctor told me a person would need a computer stronger than one at NASA to figure out the ‘polypharmacy effects’ among the drugs, and also with the body, when putting many medications together. My recommendation is to get a pharmacist for consulting about the safety of drugs and drug combinations for you and your loved ones-(they have doctorate degrees in medication-but make sure you shop around for an intelligent, knowledgeable, trustworthy one. Maybe two.)

‘Practicing’ Doctors are the number 3, (if not really #1) cause of death. Too many mistakes are seen as natural causes. Many Medical Doctors these days are operating in a conflict of interest, as they get paid well for passing out samples, and prescribing certain drugs, from Big Pharma. You can research about how Big Pharma knows what kinds of meds each doctor is prescribing. There have been thousands of dollars and gifts given to doctors to push certain drugs. The American Medical Student Association is pushing for a ban on this type of conflict of interest, knowing it has hurt and/or compromised many people’s trust in their doctors.

There are waves of certain medications. There was the big push of antidepressant use, followed by school shootings and mothers killing their own children, Ativan, Sleeping aids, Prilosec, Thyroid medications, etc. Now it's steroid use. Cortisone. Steroids are an immune suppressant, with some horrible side effects. If you pay attention to the tv commercials, and what your doctor suggests, you often can pick up the next wave of pharmaceutical marketing. Americans have been the trusting guinea pigs.
A microbiologist and doctor that I know has an educational tape called 'The Drugging of America."

The norm is giving one med, and then another for the side effects of the first drug or drugs, without acknowledging the symptoms as side effects of medication, and then prescribing more and more. Usually one doctor leaves you on the previous doctor’s medications, not stepping on hallowed ground, or taking the time to monitor the efficacy or safety of drugs you may be on. Many people for instance were left on antidepressants when they are usually only meant as a last resort, and a temporary basis. There is a doctor in Washington that did nothing but help people get off Paxil, for example. Some could not, as their hearts would race and flutter, etc.

One woman whose husband went to war two years ago was put on an antidepressant, and two years later, is on 13 medications, and having seizures. This is typical, unfortunately. Many American lives and families have been adversely affected by 'legal' drug use.

I would recommend Dr. Mercola's website. Google it, and join to get his weekly newsletter. I agree with most of what Dr. Mercola has to say. He covers many areas of health.

As for arthritis or polymyalgia, it is often from acidosis, which is caused by diet, stress, lack of exercise and medications. Acid waste lays down in the body’s tissues. There is inflammation and pain. The body tries to balance the acidity with calcium. Where does the calcium come from? Your bank account of calcium in bones and teeth, is robbed to do the job if your diet is lacking. There are two main types of arthritis: Osteo and Rheumatoid. My father was treated towards the end of his life with Lyrica and Oxycodone, which when combined cause joint and muscle pain. Side effects of medication alone can cause joint pain.

There are natural ways to treat arthritis, and acidosis in general. If someone tells you PH and acidosis isn’t a valid concern, have them watch an ambulance pick up someone having a heart attack. The person gets an injection of Calcium Chloride to neutralize the acid that is killing the heart cells. Even the IV’s are closely monitored for Ph, as an imbalance can be lethal. Also, chicken farmers take the chlorine out of the water for the flock so they don’t die early of circulatory disease. Test the chlorinated water sometime with a PH strip to see how acidic it is. Too much acid causes the body to lay down calcium deposits to ‘put out the fire’. Arthritis, bone spurs, joint pain, etc. are among the results. One doctor said the disease doesn’t matter, it’s the acid environment that has to be changed. Cancer and Candida thrive in acid environments. An Italian Oncologist interviewed by Mercola in a video, said cancer is a fungus, or a reaction to fungus.

What causes acidosis? Next blog. Write me and I'll send you info and the accounts of others and what they have used for arthritis and joint pain.

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