Sunday, January 18, 2009

Medication-Induced Nutrient Deficiencies

Click on the above jpeg photo to see this partial list of medications that deplete nutrients in the body. This is a great example of why using natural whole foods and whole food supplements to heal and maintain the body can be the wiser and more desirable option.

I picked up the information about medication-induced nutrient deficiencies at the Lloyd Center Pharmacy in Portland, and in my opinion, met one of the nicest and most knowledgeable Pharmacists- Don West. This is a compounding Pharmacy which means they can mix ingredients and customize medications when the standardized fare does not suit an individual. Pharmaceuticals didn't find customizing profitable, but this service is available here. Check out the link below for their phone number and address.

Americans have become the 7-11 generation, wanting convenience of popping pills which deplete nutrients and can cause horrible side effects and withdrawals instead of giving the body what it needs. I saw a Nutritionist on YouTube talk about a book she is writing with the title, 'Are You Too Lazy to Live?'

As you see, for example, taking an aspirin a day to 'thin the blood' actually depletes folic acid, Vitamin C, iron and potassium. A healthy alternative would be to take a garlic capsule (click on the Health and Beauty link at the bottom of this blog, and put garlic in the search box) or:
Garlic also acts as an anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. It has been useful in lowering blood pressure by 10% or more. Google it.

2 Garlic capsules, 2 Sustained Release Vitamin C and 1 Nutriferon morning and night for 1-2 days- is my personal 'magic bullet' when I get hit with a sinus infection, etc. It knocks it out in a day.
- (see my Shaklee Independent Distributor website-click on Gabi in the Bluebonnets or the above links)
If my immune system starts flagging, I can almost always trace it down to cheating with carbs or sugar, no exercise or environmental toxins like cig smoke or stress. I like to run life with high octane energy.

In looking for options to aspirin, I would also note a distilled fish oil for Omega-3 fatty acids, from a company known for its integrity and pure products.

"Omega-3 fatty acids are already prized by cardiologists for protecting
the heart against the inflammation that can lead to blocked arteries and
for thwarting an irregular, often fatal, heartbeat. There's growing
evidence that these polyunsaturated fats may also be helpful in
preventing complications of diabetes and in soothing the inflamed joints
of arthritis.

Now psychiatrists are also taking a closer look. Omega-3s, dubbed the
"happy" fats in some quarters, are under investigation for treating
depression, bipolar disease, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder,
alcoholism, Alzheimer's disease and even the so-called baby blues, or
postpartum depression."
By Sally Squires
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, August 19, 2003; Page HE01


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Rod Swift said...

Hi Pam

Good talking to you today on that three-way with Joe about healthy chocolate.

Great article you posted on drug induced nutritional deficiencies. It should required reading before filling any prescription for drugs.

Hey, what's up with the Jewish Princes eating Pork?Just curious, but don't go telling me that the food laws have been put away like my New Testament Christian friends who don't know cracked crab from chopped liver.

I'll look forward to sharing some healthy chocolate with you some time in the near future.

Sincerely, Rod Swift

rare1walking said...

Hey there Rod-We agree on required reading when filling that scrip.
I don't eat pork often, but I wasn't raised as a Jewish gal. I think to be considered Jewish, your mother has to be Jewish. My father was raised as an Orthodox Jew in Philly. My mother was Welsh, English and Pennsylvania Dutch, raised in Allentown, PA. They actually looked for religion after having the first 3 kids of 10, and I was raised Mormon. At age 30, after having 7 of my own, I divorced and raised the children as a single Mom. My spiritual beliefs evolved, and are much more inclusive. Thomas Paine's statement is more like my own heart, which is in my profile.
Mmmm. Chocolate.