Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Tips. Buying a Car, WIFI boost, Peeling Hard-boiled Eggs

So it's Saturday. Ahh. My time for catching up at a slower pace, and taking care of myself.
While I drink my Alfalfa Tea, (very alkalinizing, great chlorophyll, has saponins for anti-inflammatory action) I watched some videos on that are time and money savers. I thought I'd share them:

They include closing your chip bag without a clip, upgrading your MacBook Pro's memory or RAM, picking a lock-if you have to, how to buy a new car (excellent and fun advice), making a powerful flashlight, saving money on watch-sized batteries, etc.

Here is the How to Peel an Egg easily:

Here is another helpful page: Top 10 Computer Annoyances-How to Fix Them:

I can't say enough about Mercolas' site for health info and reader discussions below the article or video.

My sister in Utah was headed for her yoga session when I talked to her this morning. I am headed for the great outdoors to walk around the lake:Vernonia Lake. Included is a snapshot of the lake in warmer months with one of the inhabitants-The Bald Eagle. My blog: will chronicle photos, wildlife and habitat info and environmental issues surrounding this local treasure. I'll include a poem about the Red-winged Blackbird for your enjoyment. I have much to write.

TIP: Click on Photo to see Bald Eagle

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